Extra-Mural Activities

available at Xanadu Private School

R Skills and Development (RSD SA)

A fun programme to learn these important skills – Rugby, Life and Motor skills

RSD is based on two principals: (1) our love for RUGBY and (2) our responsibility to contribute to the comprehensive development of our kids.

Kids from the age of 3 to 17 can enjoy this wonderful and easy way of learning the necessary skills of Rugby.

RSD prides itself to teach children a healthy and safe way to enjoy sports. RSD understands that loving the game of rugby means enjoying the time spend with friends and family by playing and being healthy.

The RSD RUGBY PATHWAY is not intended to be the production of world class rugby players, but rather an integrated series of levels and stages to assist the children and youth in developing their full potential according to their specific ability.

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Learn to Read

Our reading programmes have been developed in the 1940’s and covers reading, spelling, speed reading, pronunciation and comprehension.  It also helps with their self-esteem and concentration.  We give individual attention to your child and work on your child’s pace.  Only written reading matter is being used – no computers.  Classes are available in English and Afrikaans reading.

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Children are born to move – Through Monkeynastix we encourage boys & girls, aged 1-8 to explore and discover the world through their senses and their bodies with our fun and exciting movement education programme – Endorsed by therapists, supported by teachers and loved by kids!

Our creative and engaging approach to movement encourages children to learn and develop in a safe, FUNtastic environment! Monkeynastix is a broad-based, holistic programme that combines creativity and music with basic training in flexibility, balance, strength, agility, co-ordination and body awareness. Your child will love and learn from each energy-packed session.

The Monkeynastix programme focuses on long-term motivation towards healthy living. We develop confidence and a positive self-image. We develop general motor imitation skills, general fitness, strength, speed & agility, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

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Amomabs Karate Institute

Karate Lessons for Children

AmoMabs Karate Institute is based in Xanadu Private School in Harties. The style of Karate taught is Shotokan. We train children of all genders from the age 4 to 18 years, from white belt beginners to advanced black belts.

Time: 14h00 – 15h00 (1ST session)

           17h00 – 18h00 (2ND session)

For those interested please call or WhatsApp:

Amo on 0718205877 or Thami on 0743704614,

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Tumbling Tigerz

Tumbling Tigerz is not just another extramural; it’s a comprehensive child
development program designed to inspire a passion for movement, build
confidence, and nurture essential life skills in children aged 3-6.

We’re excited to integrate Tumbling Tigerz into our extramural offerings at
Xanadu School. If you’re interested in empowering your child with Tumbling
Tigerz, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our


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