Message from the Principal

What a privilege and honour it is to be standing as Head of such an amazing and blessed school. When I started here on 9 July 2019, I knew there were big challenges facing this school, as well as for me personally. With trust and faith in our Heavenly Father, here we are a year later with a brand-new school and so much promise for the future. This school of ours, Xanadu Private School, will reach the dream and potential that it was originally built on in 2007. This school is highly favoured and blessed by God. Our time is not ours, but His, as He reminds us in His Word. It has been a challenging 12 years since the school first opened its doors, but I have faith that now is the time for our school to reach new heights and blessings.


As our ethos is “Rooted in Faith”, our school is blessed with amazing, loving, and professional educators that do everything they do from the roots of their faith. Each one of them is highly qualified to perform their daily duties and more. Each educator has a calling to be here at our school. In our classrooms, quality teaching and meaningful learning takes place, but added to that is our Christ-Centred ethos which provides each child an understanding of how our God is a part of their whole world, intertwined in everything they do and learn. Our learners are also educated in the love for God and in the values according to the fruit of the Spirit. These values are on the signboards as you enter our beautiful school.

At our school we aim to develop each child spiritually, academically, culturally and physically, according to their own pace and potential. We are Rooted in Faith, at our school every child is a winner, because God created each of them with His own hand, PERFECTLY! He gave each of them talents and abilities. Our aim is to help each learner develop his/her own unique talents and abilities so that when they leave our school one day, they will be the best human beings they can be, in order to fulfill the purpose God created them for.

Through our Christ-Centred educational approach, your child will arrive at our school as small as a mustard seed and through the living waters of the Spirit they will be fed and nourished to mature and grow into the finest mustard trees, young adults. They will become beacons of light spreading love, hope and faith and BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE in the world.

Lastly, we are also very blessed that our owners The Doxa Deo Educational Trust is built on the Word of God. What sets us apart from many other private schools is that the Doxa Deo Educational Trust is a non -profit organisation. We offer Private School Education with smaller classes at more affordable fees than any other normal private school. Doxa Deo means the Glory of God and Doxa Deo’s vision is to see God’s glory evident in cities and communities. Their heart is to see the school realise the dream and potential that they built this school on, with prayer and faith in God in 2007, to serve the Hartbeespoort community and to change this city through Christ-Centred education.

School fees will be reinvested in the school, to develop the facilities, academically, culturally and on the sport front, to give your children the best possible opportunity to develop and grow into the purpose God intended for each of them.

I hereby invite you to partner with us in growing this school as a centre of love and excellence.

Be blessed


Mr. Phillip de Bruyn


Pre-Primary school

Our pre-primary is a well-rounded learning space offering early childhood education to children before they begin their education at primary school.

Primary School

Our programmes are typically designed to provide students with fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics and to establish a solid foundation for learning.

High School

At Xanadu Private School we take special pride in our high school programme which offers advanced input and care in getting our children ready for their adult lives.

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