Little Seedlings Pre-School

Where Tiny Seeds grow mighty trees
Offering Gr RRRR to Gr R  as well as a nursery class from 3 months old.

Community Service and Outreaches

For more than 10 years, we are in a privileged position to reach out to Ennis Thabong Preschool.

Outreaches include the following

  • A fun Sport Day at the beginning of each year where we share our caring hearts by presenting them with a medal and gift big to take home
  • Visits to their beautiful school nearby where we share our love with them through Praise and Worship
  • A Fun Water Day during summer to share the joy in our hearts with them.

Our Oats and Milk project where we supply the school with  breakfast meals

Passion Programs

Passion for God – Sharing our love with our buddy friends in the school

Passion for Service – Caring for our school in general

Passion for people – Sharing our love with the people who work for us here at school.


We follow the CAPS curriculum

Special Events

The Preschool presents the following special events each year

  • A Fun Sport Day at the beginning of each year
  • A Fun Swim Gala at the end of the year
  • A Go- Cart race for fundraising and fun
  • A Mommy Day each year in April to celebrate our Mommies
  • A Grandparent Day to show our love and appreciation towards our Grandparents
  • Heritage day
  • A pajama day
  • Shoe day
  • Bicycle day
  • Book and reading day
  • Water fun days
  • Mud days
  • Arbor Day

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Services and options to choose from:

The following services are proposed to be delivered at our Little Seedlings Pre-School.  Parents may choose the option that suits them best.

Option 1 – Full day school from 07h00 to 17h00 in the afternoon.

Morning Pre-School as well as afternoon care.
Meals included: Breakfast, 2 x snacks and a healthy cooked meal for lunch.
Fees will include the normal school fee plus and an extra fee for the afternoon care, meals and school holiday care. December holidays not included.

Full day plus meals for Gr RRR to Gr RR – R 4250.00 all inclusive and Gr R – R6450.00 all inclusive.

Option 2 – Half day school from 07h00 to 14h00 including meals

Normal Pre-school hours.  No afternoon care.
Holiday care optional at an extra fee of R 100 per day OR holiday special @ R 600 per holiday, meals included.
Meals will include breakfast, 1 x snack and a healthy cooked lunch.


  • Half day fee plus meals for Gr RRR and GR RR –  R 4100.00
  • Half day fee plus meals for Gr R  – R 5990.00

Option 3 – Not interested in any meals. No afternoon or holiday care.

Grade RRR to Grade R: Holiday care optional at an extra fee of R 100 per day OR holiday special @ R 600 per holiday, meals included


  • School fee with no additional services Gr R – R 4590.00

Our school fees are still very competitive, compared to other schools in the area.

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