At Brain Gain we strive to address the root cause of concentration issues and NOT just the symptoms.

Brain Gain

For youngsters to be able to concentrate optimally, we need to make sure that both motor skills and cognitive skills are well developed.
We are excited to introduce a brand-new programme to our portfolio! This unique programme, presented only by Brain Gain, is aimed at all 4-6-year-old toddlers, to make sure they enter Grade 1 as winners.
Research on the tremendous pressures on preschool children, gave rise to the development of this unique program.

The Brain Gain 2-year school readiness program is one of its kind and specifically formulated to ensure your child is ready for school when he or she enters the formal school environment in Grade 1. A major advantage of this program is early detection of problems.
In this programme, the child, parents and teacher, all work together to ensure school readiness. Our aim is to let your child enter Grade 1 with confidence!