Primary School

Mission and Vision of Primary School

The Intermediate Phase comprises of Grades 4 to 6, after which the Senior Phase commences in Grade 7.  The foundation regarding reading, writing and calculating was laid during the Foundation Phase, which will enable pupils to enter the next phase confidently and to confer meaning to the new learning material by means of exploration and discovery.

Bridging the gap between the Foundation Phase and the Intermediate Phase requires the application of functional work to a greater extent. During this phase emphasis is placed on comprehension, judgement and application of learning material. Research and enriching assignments will be given on a continuous basis. Grade 4 pupils and parents will be familiarised with the study methods/ techniques which are applied concerning class and homework. Pupils are also introduced to formal tests and examinations. Consequently, we strive to equip our pupils with the necessary study methods and skills.

Christ-Centered Curriculum

The Intermediate Phase, although based on the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement of the Department of Education, are adapted to and integrated with Christ-Centred teaching.

The primary focus is to stimulate and develop creative thinking. The teacher facilitates the learning material and values, which in turn stimulate the pupil to reach his/her full potential by working independently.

This is the first year the Grade 4’s join the rest of our Intermediate Phase, they are allocated a mentor class and taught by specialised teachers within the specific subject.

Our learners are also exposed to external benchmarking exercises and competitions, example Conquesta for Mathematics and English.  Learners are also encouraged to participate in Interest Research Projects.

We believe that our learners need to develop as a whole and we therefore encourage the learners to get involved in the different cultural and or sport activities provided by the school or outside service providers at our school. Some of these activities are Soccer, Netball, Robotics, Expressive Drama, Piano and Guitar lessons.

Every third year our phase presents a high quality concert or musical where we give learners an opportunity to participate in different roles expressing themselves in a more relaxed atmosphere.

We invite you to come and visit our school.  We would love to welcome you and to show you around our facilities and beautiful schoolgrounds.


Biblical Studies
Life Skills
Social Sciences
Natural Science

Daily Programme of the Foundation Phase

School starts at 07:30.

We start our day with a daily devotion (Bible lesson) where we use the Purposeful Design programme in the Foundation Phase.

We follow a daily timetable which consists of Mathematics, English (all components), Afrikaans (all components) and Life Skills. The learners change teachers for Sport, Computer lessons and Creative Arts.

At approximately 10:00 and 12:00 the learners enjoy their lunch and use the bathrooms.

The school day ends on a Monday to Thursday for grade 1 at 13:00 and grade 2 and 3 at 13:30.

On Friday, the school day ends for grade 1 at 12:45 and grade 2 and 3 at 13:00.

Passion Programmes

Passion for God

Who is God?

  • Teach pupils who God is: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Fil 4:19 God is my provider
  • 23 God is my Shepard
  • Ps 139 God made me special
  • Teach pupils how to worship God

Passion for community service and people

Ennis Thabong Oats and milk project:

  • In the beginning of each term all pupils bring a box of oats/pro nutro and 1 litre of long-life milk to school which will be given to our neighbouring school for their food scheme.

Worker at school

  • Bless the worker on her birthday
  • Pray for her throughout the year.
  • Support her if she needs help.

Passion for Nations

Each grade focus on a specific country

E.g. Gr. 3 Israel

  • Explain why we pray for Israel
  • Look at a video and pray for Israel
  • Try and get connected with a missionary and correspond with them.
  • Do activity in workbooks and colour the David star.
  • Pupils bring any news regarding Israel to school.


In the foundation phase we focus on our neighbouring school.  We support the pre-school by providing oats and milk.  For some of those learners it may be the only meal they receive for the day.

Buddy Programme

We have a buddy system where the younger learners are paired with older learners.  E.g. Grade 3 and grade 10, Grade 2 and grade 9,
grade 1 and grade 8.

During the Passion weeks, they do fun activities together under supervision of the teachers and get to know one another.

Special Events

Spelling Bee

Here at Xanadu Private School, we have an annual spelling bee, where the participants compete in spelling words orally.  This is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty.  Each spelling bee list contains 100 – 120 words, arranged generally from easiest to most difficult.  Contestants are eliminated as soon as they misspell a word.  This competition targets learners in Grade 4 to 7 and is aimed at improving learners’ performance in languages.

Creativity Afternoon

Once a year we have a Creative Afternoon where anyone from Gr. 1 to Gr. 12 can join the Art teacher to learn a new craft or art skill, i.e. Mosaic or Modge Podge and we make something like a photo frame or a tray.  It is an afternoon full of fun, joy and laughter.

Talent Evening – Art Exhibition

Here at Xanadu Private School we are very proud of our learners and so we love to show off with their work.  Once a year, at the talent evening, the Art teacher exhibits the learners art work which they have created throughout the year. The whole family is invited to come and witness the great talent we have in our school.

Other important educational activities include:

  • Interest Research Project
  • Public Speaking (Afrikaans and English) – Compulsory in the classroom
  • Radikale Redenaars – (for those who received 80+% at the Gala Evenings)
  • Talent Evenings
  • Creative and Expressive Arts
  • Easter- and Ascension day Celebration
  • Hartbeespoort / Hartiwood Art Festival
  • Go Cart Day
  • Entrepeneur’s Day and Voluntary Market Day

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