About Xanadu Private School

Xanadu Private School is a Christ-Centred private school owned by the Doxa Deo Education Trust.

The school consists of three schools –

  • Pre-Primary School – Gr RRR (age 3) to Gr R as well as a nursing class from the age of 2 that also offers potty training.
  • Primary School – Gr 1 to Gr 7
  • High School – Gr 8 to Gr 12

Xanadu Private School is a dual-medium co-educational school enrolling both boys as well as girls in all three schools.

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide affordable holistic Christ-Centred education.
  • To become a centre/domain where Christ is known and worshipped.
  • Holistic education with a strong emphasis on excellent, high-quality academic teaching.
  • Creating an accepting, nurturing, loving and flourishing environment where learners can discover their true, unique identity in Christ.
  • Every educator is a spiritual mentor for children and parents.
  • Educators create a love for lifelong learning as facilitators of learning.
  • As a school, we serve our community with faith, love and hope.

Our Vision Statement

  • Through Christ-Centred education, every learner, staff member and parent will grow in knowing God, loving people and impacting the future.
  • As every learner grows from a seed, they will develop into a tree of knowledge and faith in Christ. Nurtured in a loving environment they become city changers who make a difference in the community.

Our Beacons For Education

  • Life change without compromising the quality standard of academic tuition.
  • Environment where children do not compare to others but find their identity in Christ.
  • That every educator would be a spiritual mentor for children and parents.
  • That educators would create a love for lifelong learning and not only be the bearers of knowledge but facilitators of learning.

Our Education Pillars

  • Individual Based Teaching
  • Academic Excellence
  • Strong Values
  • Creative Thinking
  • Constructive Discipline
  • Ethnological Integration

Xanadu Private School’s Mandate

Raising city changers through Christ-Centred education by

Knowing God:

  • Faithfulness
  • Christ-Centred
  • Self-control
  • Joy
  • Grace

Loving People:

  • Compassion
  • Patience
  • Gentleness
  • Kindness


Impacting my World:

  • Goodness
  • Peace
  • Outreach
  • Forgiveness


Our Facilities


Our aim is to encourage each pupil to reach their fullest potential academically, to develop to their highest level of sporting excellence, and also to nurture a third important area – the spiritual aspect.

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